Katalina Gutierrez

Currently studying film and media at Hunter College in New York City. Gutierrez has focused in the last three years on creating shorts and writing about women's representations in media. In 2013, she began the short film Ophelia-a story that captures the lives of two women from different times getting close to each other through a painting inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet.  The film utilizes the nature of dreams to represent women's psyches and discusses certain  historical gendered representation in western classical literature. 

Katalina received her first camera at the age of fifteen, taking classes in photography and design in high school. She studied Fine Arts and Sociology with a focus in Painting and Photography.

Katalina spent a year in Mexico City studying traditional painting techniques. During that time she was passionate about capturing the most fascinating imagery from the landscape with her SLR camera. Exposed to the rich Mexican Aztec and Mayan culture, she created a film in collaboration with performer and playwright Angeles Romero.

She traveled to New Orleans, where she received a scholarship to study at the New Orleans Academy of Art. During that time she captured on camera the mystic subtleties of the French Quarter and the characters that are part of it, with their colorful masks and powerful music. Eventually she moved to New York, seeking new elements for her work. Her work has been influenced by German expressionism, surrealism, and naturalism. Filmmakers such as Andrei Tarkovsky, Ingmar Bergman, and the Quay Brothers, have been a constant source of inspiration in her personal exploration. Gutierrez's interest in Asian philosophy and meditation has also influenced her work and creative practice.


Producer, director, and cinematographer

Katalina Studio, 2009 – Present.

  • Worked in documentaries for private and non-profit organizations.
  • Developed video content for clients such as Bank Street Bookstore, The Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater, and The Three Jewels.
  • Produced and directed music videos in New York. 

Freelance Photographer

2007 – Present. 

  • Carried out complex photo shoots outdoors and indoors involving varied types of lighting effects for private events in New York City.
  • Learned various photo and video editing techniques in Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Produced photo portfolios, headshots, actors’ reels, and commercial photography. 


2013– 2014 

        Busan Cultural Center Magazine: 

        Developed photo-narratives of the fine arts scene in New York City.

2015     Jersey Magazine: 

       Photographed people, documentary shoot, and events for magazine feature.

Freelance Graphic Designer


  • Designed business brochures and posters for independent dancers and performing artists.
  • Produced photo portfolios for artists and musicians. New York


  • Hunter College. Film, Media and Women Studies, New York City. 2013-Present
  • Lighting Techniques for HD, School of Visual Arts. 2013, New York City
  • Bachelor of Photography and Sociology, University of Costa Rica.2012


  • English and Spanish